The London Borough of Lewisham is excited to consult on proposals for the development and renewal of Ladywell Playtower and to hear your views and feedback on the shortlisted proposals. The Council is committed to bringing this grade II listed building back into use through a revival of its unique historical character, maintaining the significance of its local heritage and exploring benefits to the local community. Your comments, as well as our own technical evaluation will be delivered to the Mayor later this year for his decision on appointing a preferred provider.

1. Public Question & Answer Event

This event was held on the 19th July 2017 and was an opportunity for the final shortlisted proposals to showcase their ideas for bringing the building back to life, and for local residents and interested parties to comment and provide feedback. Around 170 people attended the event.

A video of the full event can be found here. A video of each individual proposal can be found on their project page. To comment please use the online questionnaire below