This section will be updated regularly with all of the latest queries from interested parties and bidders.

The aspirations and suggestions of local people, community groups and businesses will be considered to help shape the outcome of the proposed schemes. Community engagement events are as follows:

  1. Public Q/A Session (details TBC)
  2. Online Questionnaire (details TBC)

We look forward to hearing your views


The site is located approximately 1km to the south west of Lewisham centre, and is situated roughly half way between Lewisham High Street and Ladywell village centre.

The address is: Ladywell Playtower, Laydwell Road, Ladywell, London SE13 7UW

The site offers close proximity to Ladywell’s bustling village centre and well connected transport links, surrounded by rejuvenated public and open spaces. Nearby Lewisham centre is experiencing rapid change and investment, whilst Catford centre is earmarked for major regeneration works.

Ladywell Playtower is a site of both community and historical significance. Through renewed local appetite, political support and financial resources a programme to bring the building back into use is now underway. The hope for these developments is to inject a new burst of life into some of Ladywell’s derelict and unused spaces, helping to bring new talent, opportunities and resources to the area, whilst meeting Lewisham Council priorities for local regeneration, growth and investment.

The Council will consider proposals from developers, businesses, occupiers and consortia to bring the building back into viable and sustainable use.  The use must be complementary to Ladywell’s existing offer and future aspirations.

Ladywell Playtower requires significant investment to bring it back into re-use (around £4/5 Million). The council does not hold the resources required for a single project of this nature. It will therefore seek to engage with a partner who can offer or raise the funds necessary for completion.

Any scheme will need to be in keeping with the councils local plans and priorities as laid out in the Local Development Framework. This will include area specific planning documents such as the St Marys Conservation Area Plan which seeks to preserve the character and heritage of Ladywell. Listed Building consent will be required along with Planning Approval for any development on the site.

Transport for London’s options assessment report for the Bakerloo line extension considered the possible destinations that were suggested as part of the 2014 public consultation. The report indicated that a route to Lewisham, via the Old Kent Road currently has the strongest case.  A future phase beyond Lewisham to Ladywell will also be considered in collaboration with stakeholders including Network Rail.  If a decision is made to progress the scheme, and the necessary funding is secured, it is anticipated that construction would commence around 2023. Completion would be in approximately 2030.

Stage 1: Initial Expressions of Interest and 1st Round Shortlisiting

The EOI submission phase will run from Monday 16th January 2017 until 28th February.  It will allow potential partners to respond to the EOI criteria, outlining their vision for Ladywell Playtower, considering development feasibility and identifying local need. A round 1 shortlisting exercise will be used to feedback to successful partners, identifying those best suited to progress to the next bidding round. This round 1 bidder selection process will take place between the end of February and middle of March.

Stage 2: Method Statement Submission and Round 2 Bidder Selection

The method statement submission phase will run from the end of March to the middle of July. This stage will collect in-depth method statements and detailing from potential partners, scoping: development deliverability and feasibility, timescales, funding options, community and heritage value etc. A round 2 shortlisting exercise will evaluate submissions and provide feedback. It will culminate with the appointment of a preferred provider in the Autumn of 2017.

Stage 3: Planning and Construction

This stage encompasses the attainment of planning consent and funding, finalising designs, construction works tendering and the commencement of building. Bringing this disused asset back to its former glory is predicted to cost around £4/5 million, with project completion estimated to be no sooner than the summer of 2019. At least a 2 year planning and construction phase will be required.

See indicative timings below:

Stage 1

Opportunity Live: 16th January
Viewings: 10th & 17th February
EOI Deadline: 28th February
Round 1 Selection: End of Feb – Middle of March

Stage 2

Invitation for Detailed Method Statements: End of March
Round 2 Deadline: Middle of July
Bidder Selection : Autumn 2017

The opportunity is being promoted through a variety of channels including social media, the Council website, local regional and national press and community groups.

Decisions on shortlisting and appointment will be made through a consortium of council officers (Planning, Conservation, Regeneration, Economic Development etc.) with the final decision on appointment resting with the Mayor of Lewisham. Decisions will be made based upon the ability of proposals to fully answer against the opportunities criteria, and meet local area and council aspirations. The council will seek local views on proposals as part of this process.

Yes. Comments can be sent to playtower@lewisham.gov.uk

There is also an Online Questionnaire which can be accessed here: (details TBC)

Opportunities to view the property are available on the 10th and 17th February, with further details to follow. If you cannot make these dates we will make reasonable attempts to accommodate any viewings where possible.